Syria Qiyam! THIS FRIDAY!


The MCA Youth Qiyam for Syria will take place this Friday at 10pm in Masjid Noor! Be there! Show support for our Syrian brothers! Click here (Syria Flyer) for details!    

Build your own PC!


In the world we live in today, technology changes ever so quickly. When you buy a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc., it becomes obsolete within a few years. In order to future proof your technology and prevent it from quickly being obsolete, you need to invest in more expensive, beefier technology.   #1 – You know exactly what is being put into your PC. When buying a mass produced computer from Dell, HP, Toshiba, and other computer manufacturers, they usually only tell you what processor you get, how much memory you… Read More »

Salat: Surat Al-Mu’minoon Ayah 2


“Those who offer their Salat in full submissiveness (khushu’)” [Quran 23:2] Khushu’ during prayer. This is an inner struggle which each one of us faces. Khushu’ is translated into submissiveness here, but it truly does not define khushu’ completely. Khushu’ can also be translated in humility or modesty. It is when we come to understand that during prayer we are standing before Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala. Allah, the merciful, the compassionate, light of the heavens and earth. Our creator. Let us all think for a moment and remember a time… Read More »

Poetry Segment, Amir Talk, 4/4/2012

Prayer for Peace, MCA Youth Qiyam, 3/30/2012

5 before 5, Ahmad Badr, Friday Khutbah 3/30/2012

Tawakul, Bilal Elsakka, Friday Khutbah 3/16/2012

MCA Youth Poetry Slam 3/23/2012